Campus Safety

Like many parents, I choked up this morning when I heard that a student at Acadia University died yesterday as a result of Frosh week activities.  I dropped my daughter off for her first year of University on Labour Day weekend, so I have been worried all week about the parties.

The Don’t Be That Guy posters that CPO produced in partnership with the Ottawa Police Service, the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre and OCTEVAW have been a big hit on campus with both U of O and Carleton putting them all over their residences.  Their stark messages about alcohol and sexual assault seem to have struck a cord.

 But maybe we need to be considering what more can be done. 

The binge drinking culture on college and university campuses is far more dangerous than young people realize.  We have come a long way on improving the drinking and driving problem, but there is still much to be done on that and on alcohol related assaults, sexual assaults, falls and poisoning.

Any great ideas?




One Response to Campus Safety

  1. Anonymous says:

    No “great ideas”, only a broadening of the problem! I now have one daughter at University (year 2) and one finishing high school. As I understand it, the binge drinking culture is certainly starting during the high school years. I think we need to be looking younger as well as the university and College-aged young people.

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