Building Prevention, one meeting at a time

Last Thursday at the “Growing Our Neighbourhoods” Learning Forum it was fabulous to see the Together for Vanier Working Group on Beautification speak about all the incredible work that they have done in the four short years they have been in existence. 

“Beautification” was created by CPO after the community survey in Vanier.

Francine is in the front on the right

  When Mike was analysing the results, he group together a number of issues – from broken sidewalks to grafitti to dog dirt into a category which he called “beautification.”  He clearly hit the nail on the head, because once we got the group going, it grew wings and flew.  After a few meetings, I was happily replaced as chair by a community leader and the rest is history!

The group has done amazing things: park clean ups, a community garden, a walking club, flowers in parks and sidewalks as well as great support for the creation of the Vanier farmers market and the movies in the park and much much more.

Through it all, CPO has offered our support, our secret weapon to ensure that the group continues its forward momentum.  What’s our secret?  Francine!  CPO’s admin assistant has offered the simple, practical support of doing the minutes and agendas for the group which has ensured its growth and stability over the past four years. 

Often crime prevention is presented as the complex, academic, ideological endeavor.  But sometimes what the community really needs, is a little practical support.  Thanks Francine!


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